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Kickstart your SaaS Marketing

What do you do?
Kim has been the perfect first marketing partner for us at AVT. She's knowledgeable, flexible, and dedicated to our success.
In our first year of marketing, Kim's work has tripled our opt-in email list, driven 25-30% of website traffic for over a year, and built a base of content we feel proud to share with customers and prospects. She's also been a great teacher and has empowered us to do a lot of our own marketing - so helpful for a small business like ours.

Jody White, Director of Event Sales & Marketing


Who are we?

SixDW is...

A customer-experience focused marketing firm in the heart of the Silicon Valley.
Agile and adaptable, with a rigid customer-first mentality.
Deeply experienced in SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS (aka 'the cloud') and most things data.
Realistically optimistic, in life and business.
Led by Kim Kelley. 
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